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Download the MCVSD 2018-2019 Calendar (10 Month) (last updated 5/15/2018)
PDF format

Download the MCVSD 2019-2020 Calendar (10 Month) (last updated 5/21/2019)
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PARCC Testing 2018 - 2019
*Algebra I- Graduation Requirement: Pass; (State/Federal Requirement)
Algebra II- (State Requirement)
Geometry- (State Requirement)
ELA Grade 9 (State Requirement)
*ELA Grade 10- Graduation Requirement: Score 750 or above (State/Federal Requirement)
ELA Grade 11 (State Requirement)
*Graduation Requirement

If a student is permitted extra time or any other accommodations by their IEP/504, parent/guardians should contact the school counselor office for additional details on accommodations and accessibility options. 

2018-2019 PARCC Test Dates
Regular (BTHS, HTHS, MAST): April 8 - May 28; Results Available TBD
Fall Block (AAHS, ALPS, CHS, CLASS): November 26 - January 15; Results Available TBD
Spring Block (AAHS, ALPS, CHS, CLASS): April 22 - June 7; Results Available TBD
Testing will be scheduled throughout the school day. Contact the school for a specific schedule.
Testing Time Allotted per student: Three 90 minute units. Total time 270 minutes per subject.
Testing Mode: Computer-based
Subjects: ELA 9-11, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

NJSLS-Science (NJSL-S)
Grade 11 (State/Federal Requirement)
May 6 - June 7, 2019
Students will test in the AM

PSAT 10/11
Check with the school for a specific schedule.

AP Exams
May 6 - 17
Check with the school for a specific schedule.

IB Exams
Check with the BTHS for a specific schedule.

High School Portfolio Appeals
January 7 - May 10 (As necessary)

To view the Calendar of Events for an MCVSD campus, please click on the specific links below. If there are questions regarding the calendar, please reach out to the appropriate campus office.

Academy of Allied Health and Science (AAHS)

Biotechnology H.S. (BTHS)

Communications H.S. (CHS)

Culinary Education Center (CEC)

High Technology H.S. (HTHS)

Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST)